Temperature Ranges

The right temperature for every product

Foodstuffs require the right temperature during transport and storage to ensure quality, shelf life and safety. At FRIGOLOGO, we know the requirements for each product and ensure seamlessly controlled and documented compliance with the cold chain. For the best freshness. For the best taste. For best customer satisfaction.

Uncooled >0°C

Pasta, rice, flour, cereals, preserves, spices

Ambient +14°C bis 18°C

Chocolate, confectionery, coffee

Fresh +4°C bis +7°C

Milk and dairy products (MoPro), sausages, fruit and vegetables

Ultra-fresh 0°C bis +4°C

Meat, fish, cut salads, ready-to-eat products

Frozen -18°C bis -24°C

Frozen fruit, frozen vegetables, frozen fish, frozen ready meals, ice cream

Fruit and vegetables

Temperature according to requirements

Absolute freshness for best taste

Freshness is a sign of quality. Regardless of the season and environmental influences, consumers today expect the constant availability of food in top condition. Food producers invest a lot of knowledge, passion and work in the production of their goods to achieve the best taste.

To ensure that this promise of taste also reaches the customer, FRIGOLOGO ensures optimal, well-tempered storage and safe transport of the food from the ramp to the retail warehouses and markets. With an unbroken cold chain, high hygiene standards and on-time deliveries, we ensure that the goods arrive at their destination with maximum freshness and optimum shelf life.