Cross Docking

Efficient goods handling thanks to cross-docking

Reduce your warehousing costs and the throughput times of your goods. FRIGOLOGO supports you in this. Cross Docking eliminates the need to store your products, because they are handled directly and shipped on to your customers.

Let us optimise your supply chain:

Single-stage Cross Docking

With single-stage cross docking, we take over your goods pre-picked and distribute them unchanged to the recipients.

Two-stage Cross Docking (BBXD)

With two-stage cross docking, your goods are picked according to your requirements in one of our transshipment warehouses and immediately dispatched to the appropriate recipients.

Multi-level Cross Docking

With multi-stage cross docking, we offer you further value-added services in addition to picking your goods, such as labelling or packing your goods. We will be happy to inform you about our portfolio of Value Added Services.

Use bundling platforms and optimise logistics

We use trading platforms to support food retailers in the ongoing optimisation of freshness and efficiency through bundled processing. Orders from the individual stores are received centrally by FRIGOLOGO. This reduces the administrative effort for manufacturers and retailers. In order picking, we consolidate the goods of several suppliers in order to minimise the transport volume and thus the transport costs.

Save important resources and increase your efficiency in your core areas. We take care of the rest.