Corporate Values

Our values for a strong corporate culture

Values provide orientation and are the basis of successful cooperation. They are the culture, the “spirit” at FRIGOLOGO that surrounds us and motivates us to achieve great things together every day. By anchoring and actively living our corporate values, we want to contribute to a better quality of life for every employee, customer and partner.



We achieve our common goals with motivation and team spirit. We as a team take responsibility, work constructively with each other and share our knowledge. We show interest in the opinions of others. Dialogue is the basis and prerequisite for innovative and successful cooperation. We see the diversity in our unit as a strength and a chance to develop further as people and as a company. Every single employee in the FRIGOLOGO family thus contributes to a good and harmonious working atmosphere.

We see our customers and suppliers as partners at eye level. Together we successfully work on the best solutions and services to achieve a "win-win situation" for all.



We speak a language that everyone understands: friendly, appreciative and honest. We live tolerance and equal opportunities - regardless of gender, nationality, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation. For us, what counts is the person with his or her individual talent and personality. We talk openly about everything and listen. We treat each other with respect and treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We allow other opinions and ideas and see constructive feedback as an opportunity to become even better.

FRIGOLOGO stands for integrity, authenticity (honesty) and fairness in all business relationships. We also expect this basic attitude from all customers, suppliers and subcontractors. We address things openly, think ahead and thus create room for new ideas.


Further development

We continue to develop for tomorrow. We are open to new ideas and actively shape the future. We see change as an opportunity to constantly develop our skills, our company and our position in the market. Oriented towards market and customer needs, we enable efficient and sustainable services and use future-oriented technologies. We are willing to learn and implement continuous improvements within the framework of our quality management. In this way, we ensure not only our own competitiveness, but also that of our customers and partners.

We attach great importance to the individual development of our employees. Therefore, we promote people and their skills in a targeted manner, according to personal needs and in line with their own life plan. We offer motivated employees the chance to grow with their tasks and thus help shape their career at and the future of FRIGOLOGO.