Vehicle Fleet

Modern vehicle fleet: safe and cost-efficient

Our fleet covers all temperature ranges required for food transport. The refrigerated vans allow precise settings between +18°c and -24°C. Special sensors inside the van provide continuous information about the current temperature.

With over 200 transport units and in cooperation with reliable partner companies, FRIGOLOGO offers the flexibility to implement projects of any dimension at short notice. All FRIGOLOGO vehicles comply with the EURO 6 emission standard and are regularly replaced by vehicles of the latest design, on average within four years. State-of-the-art telematics enable safe, transparent and efficient transport handling. GPS, temperature control, corridor monitoring, document management and much more is displayed in real time and automatically synchronised with our systems.

The trucks are equipped with all assistance systems possible at the factory. The trailers have refrigeration machines with two refrigerant evaporators each. Maximum flexibility in loading is made possible by the use as a double deck and the division with mobile partitions into up to three different temperature zones. Thus, 33 to 66 pallet spaces are available. Low-noise units are used for cooling.

For more sustainability and compliance with the highest quality standards, we rely on the conscious use of resources and highly trained drivers.

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